Mission Statement 


JASCO Mission Statement:

To enrich lives by bringing Ohio’s Japanese and American communities together. 


JASCO Vision Statement:
The Japan America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) is the premiere organization for deepening understanding of and appreciation for Ohio’s Japanese and American cultures. Lives are changed for the better and businesses succeed when meaningful cross-cultural relationships are intentionally cultivated. Located centrally in the capital city of Ohio, Columbus, JASCO provides the gateway for connecting people and fostering friendships among those who are interested in the Japanese culture. By working collaboratively and leveraging relationships with state-level leaders, JASCO serves as a catalyst for helping Japanese-owned businesses succeed.


JASCO’s Core Values:
· Creating Cultural Understanding – We facilitate enrichment opportunities that create and deepen mutual respect between the Japanese and American cultures in Central Ohio.
· Improving Japanese Business Success – We support the growth, sustainability, and success of Japanese-owned businesses located in Central Ohio.
· Building Relationships – We serve as a convener of families and children, while helping to build relationships for community sustainability, and improving people’s lives.
· Fostering Education – We educate individuals and businesses in Central Ohio about the Japanese culture, people, and traditions, while demonstrating the significance to Central Ohio.



JASCO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to fostering the relationship between Central Ohio's Japanese and American communities. We achieve this by hosting cultural events, offering language classes and much more. Please consider supporting our mission. Thank you!












  • 文化理解の構築:セントラル・オハイオのアメリカ文化および日本文化の相互理解を構築し深めるための機会作りに取り組みます。

  • 日系ビジネスのさらなる成功:セントラル・オハイオにある日系企業の成長・持続性および成功を支援します。

  • 関係構築:持続的な地域を築き、生活の質の向上させるために、ファミリーや子供達と地域の橋渡し役をつとめます。

  • 教育育成:セントラルオハイオ在住の個人や事業を対象に、日本文化・日本人・日本伝統に関する啓蒙機会を提供し、それらの担う重要性を認識していただきます。